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 Power Points

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PostSubject: Power Points   Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:44 pm

Update as of 24/04/12

About Power Points. (or PP)

Since your new, you will start at 70. You gain points by winning matches, and you lose points by losing. You also gain points by doing promos and segments. Your PP Determines what titles you can challenge for. For example, to challenge for the US Title, you need at least 75 PP. To challenge for the World title, you need 86 PP, and so on. Its 75 for the IC Title, 70 for the Hardcore title and 65 for the Womens title. The lowest you can get with superstars is 70, and with divas is 60. You won't drop any lower than that, but then again you won't be able to compete for major titles if you don't rise up. A couple of simple guidelines.

I.) Winning obviously raises your Power Points.

II.) Losing obviously lowers your Power Points.

III.) Promoing will do you great favor. Depending on the quality of the segment, you will either get a half or a full a Power Point.

IV.) Feuding will obviously raise your PP since you'll probably be doing alot of segments.

V.) Once you reach 80, you'll have to win 2 matches to raise your PP by 1. However, segment quantity will remain the same. You can still get a half or a full point depending on the quality of the segment. Once you reach 85 You need to win three more matches before going up to the world title scenario. You don't have to go up the rankings if you don't want to though, so you can stay at 85 if you wish.

VI.) Losing a PPV match will lose you 3 points.

VII.) Winning a world champion will gain you 4 Power Points, and losing it will lose you 5 Power Points. The other championships will give you 3 points, and you'll lose 2 points if you lose those belts. The tag team titles will only earn you 2 points and will lose you 2 point when lost.

Note: Someone may be higher than you in terms of PP, but that doesn't mean they're automatically a number 1 contender. Some of them could be involved in feuds or just plain out choose to not go for a belt, so you'll still have a chance if you have enough PP. If you are in say the US title picture you can not challenge for the World, same goes for if you are in a feud with someone other than the champion. PP is split into rosters.

Power Points.



Mankind: 72
Christian: 71
Cm Punk: 71
Randy Orton: 71
Daniel Bryan: 70
Edge: 70
Kane: 70
The Miz: 70
The Rock: 70
Triple H: 70

*Knockouts, 75-under*
Velvet Sky: 61
Natalya: 60
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Power Points
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