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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:34 pm

Match Rules

I.Don't spam any move. Be creative with your matches. Don't just do the same moves..over..and over again.

II.No freezing or glitching

III.You can go for the cover after executing a finisher or signature. You can also go for a roll-up leverage pin win only after hitting at least 2 finishers.

IV.Don't attack your opponent when he's trying to get into the ring.

V. You can only go for the submission finish if you have executed your non-submission finisher at least once. Example, Cena must hit his AA at least once before going for the win via the STF.

VI. You can customize your characters moveset, but they have to be somewhat realistic. We all know how messed up the moves are in SVR 2011, with finisher like moves becoming eligible to be part of your normal moveset. Be creative, but also be realistic.

VII. Have fun when you're competing. PWF matches is nowhere near equivalent to the horror that is SVR online with it's overused spamming. Relax, and enjoy your matches.

Tag team match rules

I. All of the rules from above apply.

II. Don't taunt outside while your partner is the legal man. It gives him an unfair momentum boost.

III. Don't go into the ring randomly to attack your oponnent. Only go in when breaking up a pin or submission or when preventing your oponnent from breaking it. DON'T go to the ring until the pin or submission is in effect.

IV. Hot tags are limited 2 per team


You can switch as long as you don't get yourself involved in any major storyline with the person that you want to get rid of. Please consult either the owner or the co-owner about the switch.
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Rules and Regulations
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